My Country of Illusion
is a project of Barnmaster Scud and El Tiki. The two have collaborated for over ten years playing experimental "jambient" sounds at various strange and obscure locations in Northern New Mexico and galaxies far, far away. My Country of Illusion's name derives from Disney's Mexican release of Alice in Wonderland, "Alicia en el pais de ilusion." The name reflects the illusory nature of reality experienced by the artists, and also is a commentary on the dream world in which the sounds and samples from their music emanate.

The music of My Country of Illusion is based on guitar improvisation but is deconstructed and reconstructed through an intuitive process of sampling and sequencing. Voices and thoughts stream in and out of the music as if one were floating through an electronic bardo, drifting through the grid like phantasms. This is the afterlife of the American Dream, the world of the pop undead, mixed jambient soundbites from the collective sonic mind. Just like Dark Side of the Moon played along the Wizard of Oz, it is rumored that My Country of Illusion, played along with the film Koyaanisqatsi reveals some interesting synchronicities.
El Tiki AKA Cryptomaga Antonio Lopez: The curious path that has brought López to the current sonic offerings can be traced back to his days early in the 1980s during LA's punk underground. In high school he co-founded the LA punk fanzine, Ink Disease, and continued to write about music for national magazines. López is a self-trained musician who's floated in the alternative music scene for over 20 years. For over ten years López focused on a career in journalism and media, but continued to play and record music, collaborating under the name El Tiki. In addition to playing music, he currently works with digital video and teaches media literacy and video production to Native American high schoolers.

BARNMASTER SCUD AKA Scud Mandrill Scott Randolph: Scud has been an experimental musician for more than 20 years living first in San Francisco then in New Mexico.

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