CURIA - S/T (FM 15)


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Fire Museum Records brings the 2007 release schedule to a close with the eponymous debut release by the Portuguese molten music masters Curia. Forged in the fertile grounds of the Lisbon music underground, each member an established musician in their own right, what each brings to the new project is a commitment to sonic exploration that builds on their individual histories while creating a collective identity that is uniquely Curia. The alchemy here is stunning, as bowed and wah guitars, Hammond organ and percussion intertwine and fade out to create a soundscape that is not only unique, but a high point for the fascinating Portuguese experimental music scene.

Special guest on track 3: Helena Espvall

David Maranha:

Starting his work in music in 1986, both solo and with the group Osso Exótico. In 2005 he formed the group Organ Eye with Jasmine Guffond, Patrícia Machás & Torben Tilly. In 2006 Bowline with Francesco Dillon began, and in 2007 Curia. He performs and releases his music on a regular basis in Europe and in the USA. His recent works, using traditional or classical instruments sometimes modified, focuses on small variations of harmonics and overtones - the opposite of scientific, more of a ritualistic approach. He also develops his own projects as an architect since 1993.

selected discography:
Osso Exótico I-LP 1990 Multinational (Portugal)
Piano Suspenso-CD 1998 ed. Sonoris (France)
Organ Eye - eponymous CD/LP 2007 Staubgold (Germany)

Manuel Mota:

In the late 80's his discovery of experimental music, jazz and all the underground activity of that period inspired him to begin performing publicly. From then to 1997 he studied and experimented with prepared guitar (mainly acoustic) and focused his work on drone music; influenced by Phill Niblock and La Monte Young. Since then his interest has shifted to the development of a personal language for fingerstyle guitar and he started working on a regular basis with bassist Margarida Garcia. He also collaborated closely with Sei Miguel from 1997 to 2005 and runs the record label Headlights.

selected discography:
Outubro - (solo guitar playing) 2CD Headlights Portugal 2006 Leopardo CD Rossbin Italy 2003 Environment Analysis Report CD AnAnAnA Portugal 1995

Margarida Garcia:

Margarida collaborates regularly with Manuel Mota. Selected music collaborations in live/recording settings include Nöel Akchoté, Barry Weisblat, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshio Kajiwara, Oren Ambarchi, Ferran Fages, Alfredo C. Monteiro, Ruth Barberán, John Tilbury, Mattin, Eddie Prevost, Rhodri Davies, Matt Valentine, Erica Elder, David Keenan and Alex Neilson. She also runs the Thin Ice imprint.

select discography:
Loran (Duo with Barry Weisblat) CD Quakebasket US 2003
So I put my coat on and walked downstreet (solo) CD Thin Ice Portugal 2003
For your protection why don’t you just paint yourself real good like an Indian (w/ Manuel Mota) CD Headlights Portugal 2001

Afonso Simões:

Afonso mainly performs drums and percussion but occasionally performs with synthesizers and electronics. He was the drummer and founding member of the now defunct free-rock duo Fish & Sheep, which recorded several cd-r's and one lp "Double Banana" for the Ruby Red Label. F&S were the backing band of Matt Valentine and the Bummer Road's European tour. Following that, he became a member of the live band in Europe performing at the All Tomorrows Parties Festival, Nightmare Before Xmas. Last year joined the band Gala Drop, who are now in the process of recording their debut for the American label Grizzly Records. Afonso also runs the cd-r label Rafflesia Records.

select discography:
Double Banana (Fish & Sheep) LP Ruby Red Portugal 2006
Falesia (Phoebus) CD Searching Records Portugal 2006
Dead Nuns Rising (Fish & Sheep) Cassette Silver Ghosts 2007 Holland

“With various outstanding personal works, the members of Curia (Afonso Simões, David Maranha, Manuel Mota and Margarida Garcia) share a common ground but each has a very personal history and their music clearly reflects that – everyone feels free to play whatever they like but the result has an unique character, being free from stylistic barriers. Together they have shaped a space of continuity and at the same time re-write the territory of their approach to music.”

- Sebastião Pignatelli de Vasconcelos



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