Given the impress hip-hop has had on culture internationally, the interventions lyrically and politically of seven queer Negroes is bound to have ripple effects. The point is that Deep Dickollective represents a "coming out" in hip-hop about what some of us have known for a long time: that any black cultural Renaissance needs fags. There is no cypher without the sissy - whether they appear as the abject reference of the insecure closet fagrapper or whether the fervor with which they approach lyricism, beatmaking, graffiti art, or breakin has inspirations that have been cloaked in compulsory silence. The fag has entered and the cypher is stalled. The anti-gangster aesthetic of quasi-Nationalist "conscious" hip-hoppers and bohemian MC thrift shoppers pave a space for D/DC to articulate its word play. Pointfivefag (Juba Kalamka), 25percenter (Timm T. West),J.B. R.A.P. (Jeree Brown), LSP The Lightskindid Phil/osopher (Phillip Atiba Goff),Mr. ManMan The HerbWithNerve (Marcus Rene' Van) G Minus (Ralowe Trinitrotoluene Ampu) and Ms. Edge (Dazie R. Grego) represent a political lyricism that does not take itself too seriously. They are the brave mavericks of a movement that some affectionately refer to as homo-hop. They are Oxymoronic "out" black queer Emcees the world says do not exist. They are the rumblings of a revolution that have for too long been silenced. Overstand? It's not that deep.
Burnout (ampu/goff/gaddis/west) copyright 2001 Deep Dickollective, LLC DuckMySic Music (BMI)