Fire Museum Presents :

An evening of Carnatic (South Indian Classical) music with:

Bhuvana Kannan (Veena)- with accompaniment by

Aparna Kannan (Veena)
Aparaajit Sriram (Mrudangam)
Subhang Srinivasan (Ghatam)

Sunday, June 5th 7:30 PM
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street

Bhuvanna Kannan:

Bhuvana Kannan had initial training in veena from Smt. Subadhra Ramadurai and advanced training from the late Tiruvarur Smt. Alamelu Ammal & late Tiruvarur S. Balasubramanium (an A grade artist from Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India). She is well known for her melodious music, great command over the divine instrument through different slides, gamakas, varying strokes and unique fingering techniques and adherence to tradition.

Bhuvana Kannan was selected as a Veena Artiste by the Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram, and performed at many prestigious sabhas (fine arts events) in India. She has performed many concerts for Doordharshan TV, India for music & Bharathanatyam dance programs. She formed the Pancha veena group & the Tristate vainika group. She also organizes Veena Festivals in Tristate area.

Aparna Kannan:

Aparna Kannan has been learning veena from her mother Mrs. Bhuvana Kannan since childhood. She is a well known veena artist in the NY/NJ area. She has performed many solo concerts, accompanied her mother and performed many duet concerts. She is also part of Pancha Veena Group, and has won competitions in NJ and Cleveland. She is also a vocalist and was initially trained by Pooja Satish, Aparna Satish and advanced vocal lessons from Smt. Sulochana Sampath.

Aparaajit Sriram

Aparaajit is a senior at Brown University pursuing a five-year dual degree in philosophy and neuroscience. He has been playing mridangam for more than ten years and learns from ghatam vidwan Sri T.H. Subash Chandran and kanjira vidwan Sri Ganesh Kumar. He received his initial training from Dr. Venkat Natarajan. He has performed in Chennai and across the tri-state area.

Subhang Srinivasan:

Subhang is a well-known Ghatam artist in the NY/NJ area and has been learning south Indian percussion since 2001, from Sankara Academy of music and arts, founded by ghatam maestro Sri. Subash Chandran. He had his ghatam arangetram in August 2009, where he accompanied eminent violin vidwan Sri. Vittal Ramamurthy. Since then Subhang has performed in numerous concerts accompanying seasoned artists such as Sri. Maharajapuram Srinivasan, Sri. Delhi Sunderrajan and Sri. TS Krishnamurthi and several tri-state artists in vocal and instrumental concerts in the U.S. He has also performed as ghatam accompanist in various sabhas during 2010 and 2011 December music seasons in Chennai, India.

Fire Museum Presents :

Jooklo Duo

Jamison Williams Quartet

Alban Bailly/Matt Engle/Dan Capecchi Trio

Thursday, June 9th 8:00 PM
Performance Space at Vox Populi
319 N 11th St, 3rd Floor
$7-$10 sliding scale

Jooklo Duo (Italy):

Italian tenor saxophonist Virginia Genta and drummer David Vanzan formed Jooklo Duo in 2004, and released their first album, Free Serpents, two years later. They have since toured extensively in Europe and the US in duo, and also in various configurations under the names Neokarma Jooklo Octet, Neokarma Jooklo Trio, Golden Jooklo Age, Jooklo Fire Quartet, and Jooklo Finnish Quartet, and with musicians such as Sonny Simmons, Maurizio Abate, Makoto Kawabata, Tero Kemppainen, Andrew Barker, Chris Corsano, Peaking Lights, Bill Nace, Paul Flaherty, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, John Blum, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers), Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Thurston Moore and Lee Ronaldo of Sonic Youth, Hartmut Geerken, Famodou Don Moye, Makoto Kawabata, Muruga Booker, Raymond Strid, and Giorgio Pacorig.

Jamison Williams Quartet (Florida):

Jamison Williams (soprano saxophone)
Dan Kozak (woodwinds)
Thomas Milovac (double bass)
Leo Suarez (percussion)

'THE ART OF WALT DISNEY': Interpretations from the Disney Songbook; this limited ten-city tour is showcasing a series of experimental expositions, proudly presenting extensive musical deconstructive emphasis on a core medley spanning over 75 years of Disney songbook classics; in all its historic glory, this experimental / improvisational jazz performance will guarantee a mesmerizing night of structured musical abstraction, while pleasantly making acquaintance with the memorable abstraction of its yesterself.

"Florida-based saxophone player Jamison Williams says that he "specializes in experimental deconstructionism," a great descriptor for his exploratory improvisations and his jagged, joyous interpretations of familiar material. His performance in Portland is an extension of his many years vivisecting songs found in Disney films. He sticks with the classics -"When You Wish Upon A Star," "It's A Small World," and so on-and turns them into terrifying thrill rides of agitated chords and familiar yet warped melodies. If Banksy were as smart as he thinks he is, Williams' work would be playing on a loud loop through the artist's dark Dismaland installation." - ROBERT HAM, Portland Mercury

"In the technical tradition of players like Peter Brotzmann, and most famously Albert Ayler, Williams is a proponent of the extended techniques of the saxophone, spitting out harmonics, weeping 'multiphonics', the reed equivalent of a guitarist creating feedback and noise from an amplifier and effects pedals." Dan Brown (Folio Weekly)

Alban Bailly/Matt Engle/Dan Capecchi Trio (Philadelphia):

Alban Bailly is a multi-faceted instrumentalist from Brittany, France. He studied composition, jazz, and improvisation In Rennes and Nancy. He's toured extensively in Europe and North America performing with dance ensembles, impromptus, theater, and national acts.

He's a founder, composer and guitarist of Inzinzac, Yapp, Belleville Quartet and Mazout. He is also co-founder of Oscuro Quintet, where he performs as a cellist.

Matt Engle (bass) has been an active member of the Philadelphia creative and improvised music scene for over 15 years. He is a member of the Dan Blacksberg Trio, Bobby Zankel small group, and Sonic Liberation Front.

Born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (St. Paul and Minneapolis), percussionist Dan Capecchi moved to Philadelphia in the fall of 2002, where he became increasingly interested and active in the world of in improvised music. Dan has been involved with Shot x Shot, Peter Robbins, Jeff Baumeister, and Toshi Makahara as well as short term engagements with Susie Ibarra and others.

Fire Museum Presents :

Susan Alcorn

Evan Lipson

Eric Carbonara

Sunday, June 12th 8:00 PM
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street

Susan Alcorn:

One of the world's premiere musical innovators of her instrument, Baltimore-based Susan Alcorn has taken the pedal steel guitar far beyond its traditional role in country and western swing music. Known among steel guitarists for her virtuosity and authenticity in a traditional context, Alcorn first paid her dues in Texas country & western bands.

Soon she began to expand the vocabulary of her instrument through her study of modern classical music (Messiaen, Varese, Penderecki), the deep listening of Pauline Oliveros, Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango, free jazz, and world musics (Indian rags, South American songs, and gamelan orchestra). Her pieces reveal the complexity of her instrument and her musical experience while never straying from a very direct, intense, and personal musical expression.

"From the relatively unadorned sound of pedal steel and amplifier, Susan Alcorn brings forth music that is as full of emotional honesty as it is of melodic and harmonic exploration and surprise. She possesses a virtuosic technique that is always at the service of the musical moment and its possibilities for expression and communication." - Kevin Macneil Brown/Dusted

Susan will perform a solo set then a duo set with Evan Lipson

Evan Lipson:

Evan Lipson has operated as a musician since adolescence-intuitively seeking the liminal zones in which intellect and instinct, history and myth, and creative and destructive force intersect. Drawn towards aberrant perspectives at an early age, his formative experiences were primarily rooted in extreme and often discordant forms of rock, improvised music, modernist composition, jazz, outsider pop, soundtracks, and noise.

Eric Carbonara (Philadelphia):

Eric Carbonara is a guitarist, composer, and audio engineer currently based in Philadelphia. His reverence for raw and honest aural expression has led him far and wide, composing works that embrace noise, improvisation, and aleatoric elements for the guitar.

Carbonara's work stems from the belief that music is a vehicle for self expression and universal truth, a belief shared by his teacher, Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya. His playing weaves a variety of traditional forms producing a kind of exalted pidgin style in which one can recognize influences of Hindustani slide guitar music, Andalusian Roma-Flamenco, and 20th-century guitar compositions yet find it difficult to pinpoint any singular derivative source.

Carbonara has released 7 solo/duet albums and has been featured on many compilations from labels including VHF, Locust Music, Tompkins Square, and Majumua Music, among others. In March of 2014, Carbonara released Tributes and Diatribes with harpist Jesse Sparhawk on VHF Records.

Carbonara's strengths lie in blending and juxtaposing seemingly polarized themes, revealing a more honest and thorough depiction of himself. Marc Masters in Pitchfork writes "His guitar often sounds idyllic but also filled with tension; his careful picks and strums could easily dive into darkness. Such countering themes are a product of Carbonara's approach to guitar, which is guided equally by physical technique and abstract imagery."

Carbonara has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Europe alongside fellow guitarists such as Alexander Turnquist (VHF), Nick Schillace, William Tyler (MERGE), and Nick Millevoi (TZADIK). When not working in the studio as an engineer/producer, he is at work composing and extending his technique and abilities. Carbonara has been featured in Pitchfork, Washington Post, Chicago Reader, Philly Weekly, etc. and has performed live on WNYC's "Spinning on Air", WFMU, WPRB, WPSU, WNUR, among many other radio programs.

Fire Museum Presents :

Tatsuya Nakatani extended solo percussion performance

Wednesday, June 15th 8:00 PM
Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts
1400 N American St
$7 - $10 sliding scale

Tatsuya Nakatani:

Tatsuya Nakatani is a creative artist / percussionist originally from Osaka, Japan who has released over sixty recordings in North America and Europe. Residing in the USA since 1994 he has performed countless solo percussion concerts and has collaborated with hundreds of artists in international music festivals, university concert halls, art museums and galleries. His latest project is the Nakatani Gong Orchestra, which builds community ensembles performing on multiple bowed gongs under his direction, as recently presented at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Nakatani's constant touring fosters the raw and fresh quality in his music, which can only survive through an open willingness to share energy, culture, music and self on a global human scale. His master classes and workshops at schools and universities, emphasize his unique musical approach and philosophy in creating visceral, non-linear music.

He has created his own instrumentation, effectively inventing many instruments and extended techniques. He utilizes drums, gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects, bells, and various sticks and bows to create an intense, intuitively primitive, expressive music of unusually strong spirit that defies category or genre. His music is based in improvised/ experimental music, jazz, free jazz, rock, and noise, yet retains the sense of space and beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music.

In an interview with spacecraftprojects, Tatsuya discussed his ideas regarding this performance. "(...)There's one venue called "Icebox" in Philadelphia-it used to be a refrigerator space-and it has a pretty crazy echo there, and we were talking about me doing something in that space. So we decided that we will do a 2-hour solo percussion performance in June 2016. It will be improvising percussion. But I'm going to structure it a bit, going to compose structurally, with that space in mind, so I can more rely on the structure instead of everything being improvised. And that is new for me."

Fire Museum Presents :

Larkin Grimm accompanied by Jesse Sparhawk

Geb The Great Cackler

Sherie Ruppersberger

Thursday, June 30th 7:00 PM
Random Tea Room
713 N 4th St
$7-10 sliding scale

Larkin Grimm (NYC):

Often lumped into the freak-folk category, Larkin's music and unique voice have always refused to sit easily in any pigeon-hole. Her liquid vocals are pure expression, moving through whispers and moans to clear-as-a-bell lyricism. - Dan Bodah WFMU

Larkin Grimm is a NYC based composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who bridges the worlds of folk, rock - n - roll, noise, and free jazz. She was born in a commune in Memphis, Tennessee and studied sculpture at Yale University. Music is invisible sculpture.

Larkin will be accompanied by Jesse Sparhawk

Jesse Sparhawk (Philadelphia):

Jesse Sparhawk is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser whose instruments include harp, guitar, and electric bass. His harp study began at the age of 10 with then recently retired principal harpist of the New York Philharmonic, Myor Rosen, as well as with the head of the harp department of Eastman School of Music, Kathleen Bride. Sparhawk has over 40 recording credits to his name performing various instruments with many solo performers and groups, is a regular member of the psych/folk group Fern Knight, and has recorded and performed with acclaimed producer Tony Visconti.

Geb The Great Cackler (Philadelphia):

Justin Duerr (Northern Liberties, Hex Nine, et al) and Mandy Slipoj Katz (Invasive Species, Beware The Blunted Needle, Vulgar Remedies, etc) join together as Geb, The Great Cackler, an acoustic duo drawing upon their shared experiences of over a decade, personally, creatively, and both as one. "Geb was thought to represent the earth, he is often seen reclining beneath the sky goddess Nut. Geb was called 'the Great Cackler', and as such, was represented as a goose. It was in this form that he was said to have laid the egg from which the sun was hatched. He was believed to have been the third divine king of earth. The royal throne of Egypt was known as the 'throne of Geb' in honor of his great reign." - Richard Deurer

Sherie Ruppersberger (Philadelphia):

SM-R is the mournful, beautiful solo folk songs of Philly-based singer/guitarist Sherie Ruppersberger. Her intricate and frenetic guitar-work suggests elements of Eastern European folk, with lyrics and vocals echoing a long line of homespun American song. Nuanced dissonances in the guitar-playing give SM-R a compelling asymmetry


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