Fire Museum Presents :

Cactus Truck with Brandon Lopez

Matt Hollenberg /Julius Masri


Monday, October 24th 8:00 PM
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St
$7-10 sliding scale

Cactus Truck (Amsterdam) w/ Brandon Lopez (NYC):

John Dikeman - saxophone & Onno Govaert - drums will be joined by Brandon Lopez on bass. Cactus Truck creates startlingly intense music, not merely in terms of volume or velocity but through complete physical/psychological surrender. One can find hints of delta blues, early free jazz, Japanese noise, and no wave in the music. The collaborated with Terrie Ex, Colin McLean, Ab Baars, Han Bennink, Dave Rempis, Jeb Bishop, Peter Jacquemyn and many others

Brandon Lopez is a composer and bassist committed to the exploration and cultivation of improvised, not so improvised, and strange musics. Since moving to NYC in 2013, his idiosyncratic approach has become an object of interest for the left of center music world. With past and ongoing collaborations including the likes of Peter Evans, Nate Wooley, Tony Malaby, Joe Morris, Tyshawn Sorey, Jaimie Branch, Brandon Seabrook, Gerald Cleaver, Tatsuya Nakatani, Ben Gerstein, Man Forever, Weasel Walter, Mike Pride, Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones, and many others. He currently leads the trio, Xivaros (Carlo Costa and Alejandro Florez)which obliquely draws from his musical and non-musical experiences as a member of the diaspora of Puerto Rico. He is also sought after as a soloist, with his first solo album, Vitriol, to be released in 2016.

Matt Hollenberg /Julius Masri (Philadelphia):

The debut performance of a new duo of Matt Hollenberg (oud, bulbul tarang, guitar) & Julius Masri (drums/percussion).

Hollenberg descends from the Trey Spruance/Jim Martin school of scooped mids and Dick Dale leads, subverting heavy metal formalism with authentic CVLT perspective. It's fitting that Hollenberg's doom, grind, and ambient-laced quartet Cleric released their 2010 debut on Spruance's Web of Mimicry label. Keith Carman of Exclaim writes of Cleric, "One hears the detonation of Pig Destroyer, adrenaline of Converge, creative technicality of Nomeansno and Psyopus, and outright weirdness of Fantomas uniting with P.I.L.'s Flowers Of Romance." Hollenberg also serves in John Zorn's Simulacrum trio alongside John Hollenbeck and drummer Kenny Grohowski.

Julius Masri is a multi-instrumentalist based in Philadelphia, and is a performer/ composer for the city's modern dance community at large. Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, he moved to the States in 1990, and picked up drumming a year later. He studied with famed Philadelphia instructors Carl Mottola and Elaine Hoffman Watts, and, as an undergrad at Bard College, AACM's Thurman Barker, Richard Teitelbaum, and Joan Tower. As a drummer, Julius performs in such bands as hasidic punk group Electric Simcha, psychotic Ragtime duo Mahogany Stompers, Metal Duo Night Raids, Van Sutra with guitarist George Draguns, (of Don Caballero), and countless other projects. He also performs on circuit modified keyboards in duos such as Superlith, with Trombonist Dan Blacksberg (Deveykus, Anthony Braxton Quartet), Thurman Barker duo, and electronic music phenoms Charles Cohen and Joo Won Park. Julius has also composed and performed music for many Philadelphia based choreographers, and is currently working with Graffito Works dance collective.

Hotep/Diehl (Philadelphia):

Kevin Diehl and D.Hotep initially met, during the mid 1990s, as participants in vibraphonist Khan Jamal's avant-garde music project, the Phila. Jazz Composers' Forum. From that point, Kevin has gone on to found and produce several albums of his ongoing Lukumi-percussion/avant-garde jazz hybrid project Sonic Liberation Front, while Hotep co-ran the ensemble JazGuardian, performed & produced music with Rogi Kenyatta's La Tumba, and has toured & recorded with Sun Ra's Arkestra, under the direction of Marshall Allen for 15 years.

Fire Museum Presents :

Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones

Keir Neuringer

Madam Data

Thursday, November 10th 8:00 PM
Savery Gallery
319 N 11th St (Ground Floor)
$7-10 sliding scale

Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones (NYC):

Elder Ones is the quartet performing the compositions of vocalist Amirtha Kidambi (Seaven Teares/Elizabeth-Caroline Unit) lies nestled in a venn diagram of musical spheres and communities in New York City. Her and her collaborators saxophonist Matt Nelson (Battle Trance/Tune-Yards), bassist Brandon Lopez (Tongues, The Undermine Trio) and drummer Max Jaffe (JOBS, Unnatural Ways) have crossed paths in the DIY underbelly, in incestuous circles of free improvisers, and uncomfortable chairs in concert halls of angular new music. The instrumentalists chosen for this project draw from a wide variety of vocabularies from hip-hop to free improv, each bringing their own highly individual sound to the group. The quartet uses composed material and loose structures as a template for improvisation. Oscillating between worlds of modal Sufi-like circular grooves and free improvisation to jagged rhythmic precision and meditative drones, Thyagaraja, Coltrane or Stockhausen could be equally suspected as illegitimate fathers of their sound.

Amirtha's background in Hindu devotional singing or Bhajan, led her to use the Indian harmonium as accompaniment and compositional tool. Amirtha has been singing with the harmonium since a young age and has a deep connection to its timbre, intonation and mystical qualities. She was also inspired in part by her work with Darius Jones and the Carnatic tradition, to use abstract syllables to liberate the voice from specific literal ideas to facilitate unhindered improvisation, and to allow the listener a greater range of interpretation. Her music has developed through years of dedicated collaboration with bands, composers and other improvisers, finally leading to her own individual sound. She owes her developing sound to her cultural traditions, 90s R&B, John and Alice Coltrane, Edgard Varese and many other musical languages and influences. The four-part suite Mother Tongues partly refers diversity of what she feels are equally native musical languages that have found their expression in these compositions. The band formed to realize Amirtha's composition Mother Tongues. The piece was premiered at Roulette in June 2015 for the Emerging Artist Commission. Their debut album HOLY SCIENCE will be released by Northern Spy Records on November 11th.

Keir Neuringer (Philadelphia):

Keir Neuringer is a Philadelphia-based saxophonist, composer, and writer whose work is underpinned by interdisciplinary approaches and socio-political contextualizations. He is best known for a personal and intensely physical saxophone technique, revealed through long form solo improvisations, as well as collaborations with a multitude of world-renowned and underground practitioners in jazz, avant-garde, noise, classical, theater, and dance disciplines. He has travelled extensively to present his work, appeared on numerous festival stages, and given workshops throughout Europe and North America. In addition to the saxophone, he plays analogue electronics and Farfisa organ, and sings and narrates text. He trained as a composer and saxophonist in the US, spent two years on a Fulbright research grant in Krakow, and then moved to The Hague, where he lived for eight years, curating performative audiovisual art and earning a masters degree from the experimental ArtScience Institute. Originally from New York State, he settled in West Philadelphia in 2012, where he lives with his family and is a member of the Books Though Bars collective.

"...with Neuringer's music...mortal purpose is a given." (Bill Meyer, Wire Magazine)

Madam Data (Philadelphia):

Madam Data is a performer, producer and psychosonic architect based in Philadelphia. They have been involved in experimental and improvised music in Singapore, Oakland and Philadelphia for almost a decade, and have recently begun experimenting with cyclic sound structures that draw from the continuum of jazz, hip hop and noise.


11/10 - Elder Ones @ Vox Populi

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