Fire Museum Presents:


Dora Bleu/Tom Carter duo

Dan Malloy

Thursday, April 2nd 8:00 PM
First Banana
2152 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Fursaxa (Upstate PA):

Fursaxa is Tara Burke. Formerly a member of the Silbreeze band UN, Tara started her Fursaxa project in 1999 after UN disbanded. Since then Fursaxa has released seven full length albums on the Acid Mothers Temple label, Ecstatic Peace, Time Lag, Eclipse, Last Visible Dog, and ATP. In addition there have been 3 self released CD-Rs and a CD on the her own Sylph recordings. In addition to recording, Fursaxa has played live music at venues in the US, UK, and Europe, touring with Bardo Pond, Black Forest/Black Sea, Christina Carter, Jack Rose, Spires That in The Sunset Rise, and Brightblack Morning Light, to name a few. Over the last couple of years Fursaxa has been collaborating more and more with other musicians as well. Espers member Helena Espvall and Tara have a duo called Anahita, and Sharron Kraus and Tara have the duo Tau Emerald. And in September of 2006 Fursaxa became part of "The Valerie Project", which was a live soundtrack for the 1970 Czech film "Valerie and her Week of Wonders. – ATP bio

Dora Bleu/Tom Carter duo (NYC):

“In today’s musical climate of regression and huge-fonted neon infantilism, where even the more esoteric labels are trying to put forth vapid beats to please and increasingly ADDaudience you have to despair if you’re a music fan with any degree of patience and focus. Luckily the independent composer will never die, and Dora Bleu ’s latest Earthly Bombs stands in direct opposition to the fast-food market of ipod-commercial-ready bands. The band adorns main singer/songwriter Dora Bleu’s sparse dirges with well placed nocturnal soundscapes that hang on the branches of song like strange and intricate fruit. Dora herself has a style not immediately accessible, each song is a darkly swelling fantasy that evokes decay, snowscapes, nightmares.. all with a distinct painterly brush of voice and sparse guitar picking. There are less folk/rock referents at work here than early 20th century avant-garde elements. Bits of Pierrot Lunaire era Schoenberg ,John Cage , Webern -style pointillism all brush the album with a patina of art-deco mystery. Unhurried and dark without being murky, her vocals and spartan lyrics are themselves beautiful and evocative. To me they carry traces of early Yiddish singing, perhaps the modality and the falsetto point to that, but there is also the quietly yearning striations of the songs that have no clear beginning or end which draws from a musical well far older than the Western paradigm. A darkly exquisite majesty of song and landscape.”- Matt Lee/The Big Takeover

Although best known for his work with iconoclasts Charalambides, which he co-founded with Christina Carter in 1991, Tom Carter has recently focused on his eponymous duo with No Neck Blues Band co-founder Pat Murano; Sarin Smoke, his duo with Pete Swanson; and his solo performances and recordings, which have increasingly featured visual components - including collaborations with filmmakers Martha Colburn and Margarida Garcia. Carter is well-known for collaborations with other musicians. Major projects include free-rock improvisers Eleven Twenty-Nine (Carter, Marc Orleans, and Michael Evans), Spiderwebs (with Houston improviser Sandy Ewen), Badgerlore (with Rob Fisk, Ben Chasny, Liz Harris, and Peter Swanson), and various collaborative ensembles with Bay Area sound artist Robert Horton. Other fellow travelers have included Marcia Bassett, Christian Kiefer, Paul Flaherty, Tetuzi Akiyama, Shawn David McMillen, Thurston Moore, Dredd Foole, Loren Connors, Pip Proud, Inca Ore, Jandek, Bardo Pond, Starving Weirdos, Ensemble Economique, Steve Gunn, Robert Millis, and Matt Valentine, among many others. Carter has released dozens of recordings in every available format for many different labels, including kranky, Digitalis, Eclipse, Important, Root Strata, and 3-Lobed. His most recent solo release is available on his own Wholly Other imprint, which he has operated since 1995. - bio

Dan Malloy (Philadelphia):

A Philadelphia instrumental guitar player who has played over 100 shows since 2005. He is always looking for ways to expand his sound. Starting out 1st primarily as an acoustic player. He soon started playing electric guitar and added a delay pedal, then another, and then another. Nowadays his sound is built on multiple loops with the occasional use of reverse reverb and pitchshifting.

Fire Museum Presents:

Madame Mauvais Sang’s Musikal Variety Night featuring

Sam Cusumano

Lee Todd Lacks

Tom Swafford

Kate Olsen

Geoff Bucknum

Friday, April 10th 8:00 PM
First Banana
2152 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Madame Mauvais Sang presents a variety night of musick. Come for all. Outsider heads from Maine, New York, and Washington join forces with heavy Philly folks to lay down some heady space-time interventions. No sets. No holds barred. Come and go as you like, but don't sleep on it. We'll be holding down for you.


Sam Cusumano:

Sam Cusumano is a research and design engineer working with artists to help overcome the many complex technical challenges involved in art installation and presentation. As an experimental sound artist, Sam constructs custom and modified devices which are used to explain and demonstrate electrical properties, as well as create new sounds for live and recording artists. Through elaborate experimental exhibitions, Sam has created both interactive and passive listening environments, where guests are invited to explore and question the sources of sounds and patterns.

Providing live sound engineering, recording, and mastering for the local Philadelphia music scene over the past twelve years, Sam has worked with many well established, developing, and international traveling ensembles and soloists, facilitating hundreds of hours of entertainment to thousands of ears. Most recently collaborating with Joe Patitucci and Alex Tyson on a bio-interactive sonic experience, Data Garden: Quartet, Sam currently presents his experiential soundscapes as Electricity for Progress (an educational electronics initiative); Sam has also performed in a variety of improvisational and scripted ensembles for special events, as well as in the amazing psych-Rock band Niagara Falls, and the live production circuit bent dance party ‘pileofgirls’.

Lee Todd Lacks:

Freely incorporating experimental music and spoken word, Lee Todd Lacks seeks to blur the distinctions between rants, chants, anecdotes, and anthems. His experience of living with significant vision and hearing deficits often informs his writing, which has appeared or is forthcoming in The Alembic, Breath & Shadow, Clockwise Cat, and Tincture Journal. Lee Todd holds an M.A. in Ethnomusicology from Tufts University, and an M.A. in Expressive Therapies from Lesley. He now resides in South Portland, Maine, where he lives happily with his wife and young son.

Tom Swafford:

Violinist/composer Tom Swafford has performed with Lee Todd Lacks since they met in the Tufts University New Music Ensemble in 1993. Tom also works with guitarist Aram Bajakian in the groups Kef and Dalava, Americana band Cropdust and his own 12 piece string ensemble String Power (which will be releasing their debut album in the fall). He has worked with Jack Wright, Wayne Horvitz, Stuart Dempster, The Degenerate Art Ensemble and many others. Tom has a Ph.D. in composition from U.C. Berkeley. He has lived in Brooklyn, NY since 2007 and can often be heard busking on the NYC subway platforms.

Kate Olsen:

Kate Olson (KO SOLO) is an improvising saxophonist and woodwind teacher based in Seattle, WA. Since moving to Seattle in 2010, she has done her best to infiltrate the local, regional and international improvised music scenes. She can be heard performing with her own projects Syrinx Effect, KO SOLO, and the KO Ensemble and as a collaborator with Ask the Ages, Only Trio, the Seattle Rock Orchestra, the Royal Room Collective Music Ensembleand Electric Circus (led by Wayne Horvitz), the Seattle Jazz Composer's Ensemble and multiple other groups.

Kate has a BA in Music (Jazz Emphasis) from the University of Wyoming and an MM in Improvisation from the University of Michigan. Kate’s international resume continues to grow, including performances in Russia, Latvia, Turkey, Switzerland and Slovakia. She has appeared on stage with Terry Riley, Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros, Allison Miller, Bobby Previte, Skerik, Patricia Barber and pop music icons Sir Mix-a-lot and Big Star's Third (featuring members of REM, the Posies, and Nada Surf) among others. In 2011 and 2013, Kate was nominated for the Earshot Golden Ear Award in the Emerging Artist category.

Geoff Bucknum:

Plays guitar.

Alabaster Museum Presents:

Sir Richard Bishop

Robert Millis


Sunday, April 12th 8:00 PM
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
Free (Donations Accepted and Appreciated)

Sir Richard Bishop:

Richard Bishop is an experimental guitarist whose improvisations and compositions often reflect the shadow worlds of India, the Middle East, North Africa, and other points along the Gypsy trail. 

Richard is perhaps best known as a founding member (along with brother Alan Bishop) of experimental ethnic-improv pioneers and underground tricksters Sun City Girls, who for nearly 30 years have produced an extensive discography of over 50 full length albums, 20 one-hour cassettes and a dozen 7” records. Sun City Girls formed in 1981 after the Bishop brothers' stint in the group Paris 1942 which also featured J. Akkari and former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker.

Richard's first solo record, Salvador Kali, was released by John Fahey's esteemed Revenant label in 1998 under the moniker Sir Richard Bishop (the name stuck). In 2005, Bishop began performing relentlessly as a solo artist, playing throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States.  In May of 2010, Drag City released the album False Flag by Rangda, a new group featuring Bishop, Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire), and Chris Corsano (Flower-Corsano Duo, Flaherty/Corsano, Jandek, Bjork, etc). In September of 2012, a second Rangda album came into existence, this one entitled Formerly Extinct.

Richard was also a co-founder of the Sublime Frequencies label (with Alan Bishop and Hisham Mayet). The label, whose mission is dedicated to acquiring and releasing obscure sights and sounds from Africa, India, S.E. Asia and beyond, began in 2003 and currently has over 65 releases to its credit. 

"Bishop is a splendid acoustic guitarist with a sure touch and an impressive vocabulary gleaned from the Spanish flamenco and North Indian classical traditions with a bit of Belgian Django Reinhardt's gypsy swing jazz mixed in." - Bill Meyer (Ink Blot Magazine)

Robert Millis:

I have a golden childhood memory of an attic in a very old house. Crawling through the dark, creaking front part of the attic I found a room bathed in sunlight, with a pile of forgotten books.  On top of this book throne sat an old wind-up gramophone. This memory informs my work:  the sense of exploration, the secrets old books and 78rpm records hold in their designs, the scars of their age, their receding sounds and stories.

I am a founding member of Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT, a solo artist and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies label. I have scored long and short films, created sound installations, produced and designed audio projects, and released many LPs and CDs. My work veers haphazardly between sound art, music concrete, instrumental, improv, field recording, song and collage. I have a deep interest in folk and traditional music, so imagine Pete Seeger trying to cover Revolution 9 by the Beatles.

During 2012 and 2013 I was a Senior Fulbright Research Scholar in India studying Indian music, sound art and the early recording industry.


Psychedelic improvisational blowout with members of Bardo Pond and Kohoutek. Kosmische raga drone, heavy on the electronics and alien percussion, traversing the same hypnodelic territory both bands are known for. RIYL: Ash Ra Tempel, Agitation Free, Guru Guru, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Taj Mahal Travellers, etc.- bio

Fire Museum Presents:

Daniel Levin Quartet with

Nate Wooley

Matt Moran

Pedro Ström

Bobby Zankel Group

Wednesday, April 15th 8:00 PM
Aux Performance Space at Vox Populi Gallery
319 N 11th Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Daniel Levin Quartet:

Cellist Daniel Levin’s drummerless quartet occupies a musical space bordered by many kinds of music, but fully defined by none of them. Elements of European classical music, American jazz, microtonal and new music, and European free improvisation all figure prominently in the band’s unique sound. But as critic Chris Mays observes in All About Jazz, “Like all the most successful post-modern creative ventures, Levin’s quartet positions its antecedents in plain sight, but rises above them to create something novel, fascinating and unmistakably of its own time.” Levin and his quartet with trumpeter Nate Wooley, vibraphonist Matt Moran, and bassist Pedro Ström, is “a provocatively assembled group of adventurous musicians,” that makes music with “the wild chaos of nature somehow centered in a sense of harmonious majesty,” according to critic Donald Elfman.

Without drums, Levin and his band mates are free to explore rhythm, melody, timbre, and texture in extremely subtle and varied ways, creating an alluring braid of lines shaded by autumnal colors, vocal inflections, and precise dynamics. “This group is able to rethink the dynamics and dialectic of a “jazz” group and find new phrasing, spacing and modes of interaction,” notes Elfman. Levin’s compositions set a lyrical tone suffused with mystery and ambiguity. But the quartet remains poised and open to the possibilities offered by the music. “For all its balance and clarity,” says Point of Departure, “the music tempers its delicacy with a dark, unsentimental edge that pushes it past the polite banter of chamber jazz into something deeper and truer.”

Nate Wooley’s playing has often been cited as being a part of an international revolution in improvised trumpet.  Along with Peter Evans and Greg Kelley, Wooley is considered one of the leading lights of the American movement to redefine the physical boundaries of the horn.  A combination of vocalization, extreme extended technique, noise and drone aesthetics, amplification and feedback, and compositional rigor has led one reviewer to call his solo recordings “exquisitely hostile”.

Vibraphonist and tunesmith Matt Moran "plays the vibraphone like a speed-chess master, always darting off into flurries of ingenious, unexpected activity" (Village Voice). He has performed and recorded with artists as diverse as Mat Maneri, Lionel Hampton, Combustible Edison, Ellery Eskelin, and Saban Bajramovic. Moran's sound is integral to an innovative group of New York musicians who blur the boundaries of composition, improvisation, and folk traditions.

"The ridiculously talented" (Number 1 Magazine) Portuguese-Scandinavian bassist Pedro Ström is a consistently innovative voice in the global Free Music community.  He has contributed his big warm sound and unique harmonic mind to a vast array of performances, both live and on record. In the past few years, he has worked with Carlos Garnett, Sonny Fortune, Sonny Simmons, Ivo Perelman, Benny Golson, Benny Bailey, Mulato Aztatke, Jonas Kullhammar, Kresten Osgood, Lotte Anker, Fredrik Ljungqvist, Magnus Broo, and Martin Küchen, to name a few.

Bobby Zankel Group:

Bobby Zankel began playing music at an early age, soon favoring the alto saxophone. After studying at the University of Wisconsin, he attended Berklee College Of Music, then went on to attain a BA degree from Empire State College (State University of New York). In the early 70s, he attracted favorable attention during a spell with Cecil Taylor’s Unit Core Ensemble. Concurrently, Zankel’s reputation spread within the adventurous New York loft scene owing to performances with Ray Anderson, Sunny Murray, William Parker and others. From 1975, Zankel became resident in Philadelphia where he raised his family meanwhile becoming a respected and in-demand sideman with many artists, notably those associated with the city’s thriving jazz scene. Groups he was with in these years, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, include the Hank Mobley -Sonny Gillete Quintet, Jymmie Merritt’s Forerunners, Odean Pope’s Saxophone Choir, and Ruth Naomi Floyd. He continued to work with Taylor, including visiting Europe. As a performer, Zankel delivers intricate virtuoso bop playing with an intensely emotional core. Zankel was also continuing with his studies, now with Dennis Sandole, becoming a skilled and significant composer. As leader and sideman he has appeared at numerous festivals. His compositions have been performed by Lester Bowie, Coles, Marilyn Crispell, Pope, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Peterson and others. Active in music education, Zankel has been artist-in-residence at the Downington and Jarrettown schools, and has also been artist-in-residence for programmes within the Philadelphia prison system. He presently performs with his Warriors Of The Wonderful Sound. Tonight he will be joined by Michael Szekely on drums and Matt Engle on bass.

Fire Museum Presents:

Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson & the Transformational Music Ensemble

Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson: trumpet

Transformational Music Ensemble:

Keir Neuringer: saxophone
Mike Watson: bass clarinet, piccolo
Ryan T. Frazier (Heru Shabaka-Ra): trumpet
Dan Blacksberg: trombone
Tara Middleton: violin
Veronica MJ: viola
Tom Kraines: cello
Matt Engle: bass
Julius Masri: drums

Sunday, April 19th 8:00 PM
Aux Performance Space at Vox Populi Gallery
319 N 11th Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

This performance will feature new compositions by Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson and Keir Neuringer performed by the Transformational Music Ensemble (TME).

Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson is a composer and trumpet player born in Oklahoma City who has lived in Biel, Switzerland since 1994. He is active as an educator, improviser, and composer for dance, film, installation and the concert stage. He studied with Iannis Xenakis and John Eaton at Indiana University and Gunther Schuller at Tanglewood, and was awarded the first John W. Work III Composition Fellowship. In 1974, Nelson moved to New York and worked in the field of Creative Music Education for the next two decades. He is opposed to placing his work in a specific category. For Nelson, Jazz music, classical music, African music, American folk music and Asian music are all part of his "musical heritage" and language as an artist. He shares Takemitsu's philosophy that "music is like a mountain and you take from it what you need." No category in the music as well as in the person.

Keir Neuringer is a composer and saxophonist based in Philadelphia since 2012. He first brought the Philadelphia musicians in TME together in May 2014 to perform the Ars Nova Workshop-commissioned William Parker composition Flower in a Stained Glass Window. The ensemble thus cut its teeth alongside our elder luminaries Parker, Dave Burrell, Marshall Allen, Odean Pope, Bobby Zankel, and Muhammad Ali. TME went on to perform in an expanded version of the work at Roulette in Brooklyn earlier this year, as part of Parker's 25-member Tone Motion Theater, where we met and played with Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, as well as Cooper-Moore, Joe McPhee, Fay Victor, Larry Roland, Mazz Swift, Steve Swell, and many other inspirational figures.

Fire Museum Presents:

Bhob Rainey

Buck Hammerstein & Clear River Chapaukee

Flandrew Fleisenberg/Connor Przybyszewski

Thursday, April 30th 7:30 PM
Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop
713 N. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Bhob Rainey (Philadelphia):

Bhob Rainey is an award-winning composer / performer, saxophonist, and sound designer. In 1998, with trumpeter Greg Kelley, he founded the duo Nmperign, which quickly became a model for a new phase of non-idiomatic improvisation often referred to as "lowercase" or "EAI" (Electroacoustic Improvisation). In 2000 he founded The BSC, an improvising large ensemble, in which he developed techniques for an improvisational discipline that were eventually outlined in his 2011 publication, Manual. Throughout the late 1990's and early 2000's he performed globally and collaborated with numerous improvisers of both the (then) current and previous generations, including Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Günter Müller, Michel Doneda, Lê Quan Ninh, and many others.

By the mid-2000's, while continuing to work in the realm of improvisation, Rainey began to produce electronic and algorithmic works. He spent five years collaborating with German composer Ralf Wehowsky (RLW) on the 2007 release, I don't think I can see you tonight, which, along with Nmperign and Jason Lescalleet's Love Me Two Times (2006), established him as a formidable electronic composer who synthesizes streams of Musique Concréte, computer music, and improvisation.

Throughout his career, Rainey has sought out cross-discipline collaborations, working with dancers, filmmakers, and theater companies. From 2012-2014 he worked with theater company New Paradise Labs to create The Adults, which premiered at the 2014 Philadelphia Fringe Festival to much acclaim. He created the soundtrack to Leah Ross's 2013 film, Levitate, which premiered that year at the Rooftop Film Festival in New York City, and he performed live in Jungwoong Kim's and Marion Ramirez's site-specific dance work, Capsized, at the National Asian American Theater Festival in Philadelphia in 2014. To date, Rainey has over 30 releases as a leader or co-leader.

Buck Hammerstein & Clear River Chapaukee (Berlin/Montreal):

Canadian trumpeter Clear River Chapaukee and French saxophonist Buck Hammerstein met at the New England Conservatory in 2010. Their first duo album “the Goats of Palm Beach” (2012) was followed in 2013 by “Part and Parcel”(Bug Incision Records), in trio with renowned guitarist Joe Morris. With Anthony Coleman's Survivors Breakfast, they appear on “The End of Summer”, (Tzadik), 2013.They have extensively toured the North-East and Canada, appearing on bills with Bhob Rainey, Peter Evans and Peter Negroponte to name a few.

Buck Hammerstein graduated from a master in Contemporary Improvisation at the New England Conservatory in 2012. He Studied composition and improvisation with Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, and Frank Carlberg. He has been fascinated for many years by the music of Turkey and the Balkans and has had the chance to meet masters such as Manos Achalinotopoulos, Peter Ralchev and Adam Stinga. Has played with Joe Morris, Frank London, Ted Reichman, Asan Rashid, Luther Gray and Slavic Soul Party across the US, Canada, Italy, Germany and Portugal in venues such as The Stone, Issue Project Room, Barbes, Washington DC’S Kennedy Center, Errichetta Festival.

Clear Water Chapaukee was the assistant principal trumpet of the Regina Symphony Orchestra. He resigned in 2009 to pursue studies in improvisation and contemporary composition at the New England Conservatory in Boston. Quickly becoming an important figure in the New-England experimental scene, his time in Boston facilitated projects and performances with many notable improvisers such as Joe Morris, Anthony Coleman, and Ikue Mori. Since 2013 he lives in Montreal, where he continues to play, compose, and lead « Electricity is Magic »'s yearly « compositions by improvisers » residency.

Flandrew Fleisenberg/Connor Przybyszewski (Philadelphia):

flandrew fleisenberg plays percussion on an ever changing assortment of ephemera and modified drum parts coaxing texture and tone both familiar and bizarre. Attentive to room resonance, ambience and collaborator, fleisenberg playfully utilizes sound and presence to explore space, time, and relationships. A graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) with a focus in conceptual art, he is musically self-taught and has developed a cadre of idiosyncratic techniques that are all his own. flandrew has been involved in the improvised and creative music community since 2001 performing solo, in ad-hoc improv groupings, and in set projects. A recent migrant to Philadelphia, fleisenberg is an active producer and advocate of improvised and experimental music and dance across the region.

Connor Przybyszewski is an improvising trombone player known for his work with Sonic Liberation Front/Sonic 8, Space Whale Orchestra and others.


5/9 - 75 Dollar Bill, Mitch Esparza & Petia Zamfirova @ Pageant Soloveev
5/15 - Bhob Rainey/Michael Szekely & Lina Allemano's Titamium Riot
5/25 - Ignatz & Daniel Bachman
6/13 - Jooklo Duo & Keir Neuringer/Julius Masri

All shows at First Banana unless otherwise noted

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