JouJou is... a five women a cappella group who sing Balkan, Appalachian, Italian, Greek and Portuguese songs.

Shari Greenfield
made her first television appearance at the age of two, and recorded a choral album at age eight. She finds such intense joy, passion and healing in singing that it has become a vital and integral part of her life.

Cynthia Lohr
has a diverse musical background which includes movie and CD credits performing Eastern European and Afro Funk and Afro-Slavic music.

Kalonica McQuesten
is a proud third-generation native of the Bay Area. As a singer and performer for over 12 years, she has accumulated approximately 15 minutes of fame on vinyl records, compact discs, radio, television, stage and screen.

Jen Tait
is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and started JouJou to explore different vocal directions with some fun gals. With an opera singer mother and bagpiper brother, she grew to love Appalachian and Balkan music. Jen has also performed classical, gospel, and improv music and has degrees in architecture and filmmaking.

Cynthia Luna Vazquez
is a native San Franciscan who has spent many years dancing in the streets. Cynthia believes that making art is synonymous with making magic. She has a "Mistress of Arts" degree from the Inter-Arts Center of SFSU. As a member of JouJou, she enjoys the challenge of coordinating her vocal chords to the rest of her neuromuscular system.