First of all, it's pronounced "thoo-zhuh," and it's the genus name of North American cedar trees. It's an oddly appropriate name for this San Francisco band. Thuja's amorphous layers of piano, organ, guitar, accordion, percussion, and electronics swirl together into woodsy environments of sound, reinforced by natural phenomena such as snapping sticks or scraping rocks. Listening to Thuja is like navigating a hazy dreamscape: things seem familiar, but it is impossible to predict what will happen next. Sometimes shafts of light filter through the canopy of sound; other times the pieces remain dark and mysterious. But Thuja is more intriguing than frightening. Thier pieces gently unfold into delicate musical melodramas that will seduce you with their subtle sonic explorations. –Epitonic

recorded by loren chasse, steven r. smith, rob reger, glenn donaldson. mixed at unique ancient tavern  fall 2002