“San Franciscan art-rock assemblage Zmrzlina named itself after the Czech word for "ice cream," but if the group was a bowl of ice cream, it'd be an intimidating confection indeed, full of contradictory tastes that one couldn't fathom tasting great together. The flavors they savor arose from earlier undergrounds: Can's hypnotic Krautrock swagger, the Fall's angular shards and wry delivery, Captain Beefheart's scattershot rumble, X's rocakabilly-inflected thrash and more sloppy Velvets-isms than you can shake a Stroke at. The bandtosses 'em into the blender and sets it to "art."

Wily hooks and approachable grooves float to the top,but Zmrzlina constantly throws alien elements in the mix.” CMJ

“Confection” recorded live by Michael Zelner at the Starry Plough in Berkeley on April 13th, 2002. Zmrzlina is: Ashley Adams, Bass Mark Frischman, Keyboards, guitar Tracy Hankins, Violin, Guitar, vocals Jeff Ray, Vocals, Guitar Heather Snider, Drums, Vocals